About Wealthy Nations

Wealthy Nations is Dr. Jim Walker’s investment newsletter, covering Asian and global economic developments.

Investors rely on Dr. Jim’s prescient analysis to learn where to invest, and how to build long-term wealth through investments no matter what situation a country is in.

Dr. Jim has spent decades in the financial industry, advising clients honestly and reliably. Before Dr. Jim founded the economic research firm Asianomics, he worked for 16 years as Chief Economist for the investment group, CLSA. Dr. Jim was labeled one of the top economists and stockbrokers in Asia, and his study of economics and investments have led him to call two of the biggest financial crises of our lifetimes. Wealthy Nations has never been more relevant in today’s mad world of liquidity-driven investment. In Wealthy Nations, Dr. Jim says:

“I don’t expect anything substantial to help the financials of the West get back to the top…But the train to ride in Asia, like any great long-term investment, is best when taken advantage of right away. So don’t wait…

The growing economies of Asia will only ride once to the top.

-Dr. Jim Walker

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