About Asianomics

Dr. Jim Walker founded Asianomics Group in 2007. Asianomics Group is a leading independent economic research firm based in Hong Kong, providing insights on Global & Asian economies to investors around the world. The Group provides research services to institutional investors, in addition to publishing Wealthy Nations for a wider audience.

Please be in touch with [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more about Asianomics Group professional and institutional investor research services.

Research Services

Asianomics Group is the vision of Dr. Jim Walker, one of Asia’s leading economists. The Group is a leading independent research companies in Asia, based in Hong Kong. The company was founded eight years ago by Dr. Jim Walker, who was formerly the Chief Economist at CLSA for seventeen years. Dr. Jim was the No. 1. ranked strategist and economist in Asia for over 10 years before setting up Asianomics.

Asianomics specialises in top-down, macro-economic research in the Asia-Pacific region. The Group provides research services to institutional investors. Wealthy Nations was recently launched in order to serve a wider audience and share Asianomics Group unique philosophy.

A Unique Philosophy: Austrian Economics

The Austrian Economics model influences and informs Asianomics Group’s strategic thinking and provides a unique framework for its economic and technical analysis.

Contact Asianomics Group

More about Asianomics Group can be found on its website, www.asianomicsgroup.com.

Questions for Asianomics Group can be sent to [email protected].

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