November 7, 2017 by Wealthy Nations

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Why Falling Fertility is triggering World War Three?

Quite a few countries fertility rates are now barely sufficient to replace the population. As a result, many will have a population structure older. Many countries low fertility rates mean they are on course for a shrinking labour supply.

The implications of falling fertility rates have been recognised for some time by the United Nations Population Department (UNPD). The consequences of a country’s ageing demographic is not confined to the developed world.

Unless there is a wholesale revival in growth dynamics – and we would argue that that is now well- nigh impossible in the developed countries for policy, debt and falling fertility – the demographic time bomb, which is the ageing of developed countries with unfunded benefit and pension programmes, is going to go off within the next few years. Look into demographics before investing. Read on:

World War Three: The Looming Conflict Between Generations

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